English Mandatory registrations for businesses


– Privacy registration

All companies or businesses that handle a minimum of 3 pieces of information about their customers are required to register for privacy. If a company asks its customer for its Name, Address, Email Address, it is already mandatory under English law to complete this registration and renew it annually. Many companies ignore this kind of obligation, and many just wave at it, “..Oh I’ll do it…” and the like.

However, when it comes to the penalty for failing to provide a privacy statement, companies are in a hurry and looking for loopholes. The filing fee is £ 70 .- / year, so it doesn’t burden companies, but it’s better to pay that amount than to ask for a fine payment of the fine ..


GDPR registration

From 25th of May, 2018, a new Privacy Policy will come into force in the European Union. Name: GDPR.

GDPR is an acronym created from the initial letters of the General Data Protection Regulation (in English it means a general data protection regulation)

This privacy law is considered one of the most stringent laws in the European Union, and this law has been adopted by the British government. Its essence is that any company  (Self Employed) with at least one employee or 1 client, 1 business relationship or even 1 piece of data (including sleeping companies, because they are related to the accountant) , with the home provider, also handle the data of their shareholders, directors and secretaries.) It is mandatory to comply with this privacy law.

If your business or company does not yet have the ability to comply with this strict law,

we are ready to prepare you for a total of £ 220.

This privacy policy should be reviewed annually with a charge of £ 150.



– Paye registration

Paye registration, in the Hungarian name: Employer registration. This should be done if the company wants to employ an employee. It consists of two numbers, one is the “Paye reference number” and the other is the “Office reference number”. These two are necessary for a English company to be able to pay. to its employees.



– Gateway registration

Government Gateway Registration must be done at HM Revenue and Customs.

You need to create this account in two cases:

  1. Self Assessment Report – Personal Customer Portal
  2. For managing, checking and querying a current account – Corporate Customer Portal



– MLR registration

MLR registration is mandatory for all companies that engage in financial activities. Examples are: Banks, Listed Companies, Insurers, Accounting Firms, Etc.



– VAT registration

VAT registration (VAT registration) is required if the company has reached or within a reasonable time captures a turnover of £ 85,000. As VAT registration is not mandatory up to this amount, a start-up, newly established English company can start with a competitive advantage over companies on the market, as it can sell its products and services 20% cheaper.



UTR Number Registration

There are two types:

  1. Director UTR Number – Self Assessment Statement required (also).
  2. Company UTR Number – This number is the primary tax number of the company.


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