GDPR is an acronym formed from the initials of  General  Data  Protection  Regulation, (meaning a general data protection regulation in Hungarian) any company or enterprise (including Self Employed) with at least 1 employee or 1 customer, 1 business relationship or even 1 data manager (this includes dormant companies as they are related to the accountant, they also manage the data of their shareholders, directors and secretaries.) must comply with this data protection law.

The Deadline was 25.05.2018!

The aim of the regulation was to provide natural persons with uniform, EU-wide protection for the processing of their personal data throughout the European Union. (This is independent of the Facebook – Cambridge Analityca scandal)

The scope of the regulation applies to the processing of personal data of natural persons. The most important concepts are the concepts of personal data, data management and data processing. All companies are data controllers and / or data processors in this sense. The principles of the Regulation are legality, due process and transparency, purpose, data economy, data accuracy, limited storage, integrity and confidentiality.

The controller is responsible for complying with the principles and must be able to demonstrate compliance. There is a reverse rule of evidence in the field of data protection, which means  that it is not the authority that has to prove the breach during an inspection, but the data controller has to prove compliance with the regulation!

The processing of personal data becomes lawful if it has all the legal bases described in the Regulation.


Without wishing to be exhaustive, we would mention a few as:

– the consent,
– the performance of the contract,
– compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject,
– the protection of the person concerned vital interests
– within the framework of data management in the public interest or public authority conferred on the controller powers exercised,
-if the data management of the controller or a third party with a legitimate necessary to safeguard its interests


The data subject has the right to restrict the access, rectification, erasure or processing of personal data concerning him or her and to object to the processing of such personal data, as well as the right to data portability. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Based on this, no company, no business can be at ease as long as it does not have a privacy policy. At our request, the English authority suggested that in addition to the GDPR, all businesses should comply with the English Data Protection Act already in force so that it is clear to the authority that any company has tried to comply with all data protection laws. Our company has been performing the latter registration for years. (registration fee only 70.- pounds / year)

An important rule is that the necessary information must be provided to the individual concerned before the data is collected. (Data controller and his / her representative, name, purpose of data processing, legal basis, duration of storage of personal data.) The consent of the data subject must be sought for the processing of his / her data. The regulation provides for the registration of data processing activities. According to the Regulation, a data protection incident is a breach of security which results in the accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted or stored or otherwise handled. (loss of laptop or mobile phone, trashed payment list, unauthorized copying of contact lists, attacks on server, hacking of website, etc.) If such a situation occurs, the data controller must report the data processing incident to the supervisory authority without undue delay within 72 hours.

Most common corporate data management activities:

– data of personnel register employees,
– data of job applicants, data management related to entry and exit
– accounting data management
– data management of contractual partners
– loyalty lists
– contact data of partners’ representatives
– data management related to direct marketing activities
– visit, registration on the company’s website, newsletter service, web store, etc.

The new EU regulation is quite serious and imposes a very complex administrative burden on businesses.

Because every business, every company is different, but each handles personal and / or business data, so someone who has multiple companies or businesses will need to prepare a privacy registration / privacy policy under the new regulations and change it annually or change. immediately. As the organizational structure and structure of each company is unique, its customs, culture, external and internal affairs and regulations are unique, so it must be tailored to the company in each case, it cannot be copied.

Do not forget! Mandatory from 25.05.2018!

Our company undertakes to prepare the data protection regulations of your company for a total fee of £ 220. The completed data protection regulations must be reviewed annually, for an annual fee of £ 150.


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