English Company Formation advantages

Is it worth starting a business in England? Yes! Why?


  • You don’t need to travel out of the country to do the paperwork, either to incorporate or to start a sole trader; you can do it online, saving time and money
  • E EU residents can also set up a company
  • No legal person (lawyer, notary) is needed to set up a company, so no lawyer’s fees or publication costs
  • English companies are recognised and accepted everywhere (e.g. you cannot register a Hungarian company on Kickstarter)
  • English companies can be set up for as little as £120 including 1 year’s registered office service
  • You can even start with one ID card
  • An invoice can be issued on any paper (e.g.: a piece of writing paper, or even a sheet of chequered notebook paper), meaning there is no strict accounting requirement
  • The company is VAT exempt up to a turnover of £85,000
  • No red tape, making it more transparent and simpler to run a business in England
  • Capital can be any amount
  • LTD can be incorporated in 1 working day, PLC in 2 weeks and LBG in 1 week
  • The company owner can qualify for the basic UK pension after 10 years
  • Business-friendly environment
  • In English banks, for the first 1-1.5 years, companies pay £0.- per pound !!! account management fees
  • Tax conditions are much more favourable than in other countries
  • VAT is only 20%
  • First tax liability for newly established companies is due in 21 months
  • Competitive advantage over UK firms (VAT exemption makes it easy to catch up, cheaper to enter the market)


What we can help you with:

  • we can provide a company headquarters service on request
  • we will prepare and submit the necessary registration
  • we provide a money-back guarantee for the company incorporation

We provide full bookkeeping and payroll services for your company, and for more help, check out our “New Story” program.


Other advantages:

  • you can buy VAT-free within the EU
  • in case of several companies you can coordinate the companies
  • if you have a UK company, you save money
  • we help you keep your new company in order (bookkeeping, payroll)
  • more contacts, more partners – we can help you make international contacts
  • become stronger in the market, multiply your revenues




Learn about the steps and types of company formation by following the link below:

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