Change of Accountant

If you would like to transfer the bookkeeping of your existing business to us, it is important to know that we unfortunately cannot contact your current accountant by transferring the bookkeeping of your company to us. Unfortunately, this is no longer permitted by the GDPR Privacy Act.

So unfortunately, in any case, since you are currently under contract with your existing accountant , you will have to make the change of accountant.


  • First, please gather all the data, documents, codes, passwords that are related to your company.
  • If your company is currently in the middle of the tax year, gather all the accounting materials, documents, outgoing and incoming invoices, bank account statements created in the previous tax year into one folder.
  • Please review our accounting pricing tables and select the accounting package closest to your business.
  • Write a letter to your existing accountant with the following wording:


Dear ………………………………..

Company name:
Company registered office address:

Company number:

If there are no circumstances that we need to be aware of, would you please supply the following information:
(a) The Webfiling and any codes
(b) The last tax return and schedules submitted for the individual, including business taxation
computations, capital allowance claims, etc.
(c) Copies of all assessments/self-assessment returns relating to any earlier tax years which are still open or on which enquiries are still in progress.
(d) The last completed accounts available for the business.
(e) Any schedules you have giving details of the make-up of items in the last completed accounts, such as:
(1) debtors and prepayments;
(2) creditors and accruals;
(3) bank reconciliations;
(4) stock and work in progress;
(5) plant register;
(6) trial balance;
(7) profit and loss
(8) balance sheet
(9) others
(f) A note of the appropriate tax district and reference numbers.
(g) Details of any taxation losses available and overlap profits not previously utilised.
(h) Copies of VAT returns submitted on behalf of the client (if applicable)
(i) Any other schedules etc. which you feel will be of assistance.
(j) Any information relating to capital gains tax including rollover relief and the re-basing position (if applicable).
If you are holding any records belonging to the company, we would appreciate you are ensuring that they are sent either directly to the company or to ourselves, in order that may be available in the event of a future HMRC enquiry.

Kind Regards,


Send this letter by e-mail as well as by mail. With this step, you’ll let your current accountant know that you want to do your business accounting elsewhere. There is no need to say the reason, because there can be countless possibilities (usually due to moving) it is up to you to decide. If you have settled any outstanding debts and arrears with your current accountant, you may terminate your current accounting contract at any time. (usually 30 days)

Due to legal continuity, after sending the letter